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Read Your Body App

The read your body app is by far the best application available for charting your cycles! Some, but not all, of the reasons I love this app

  • Fully customizable to the method you are using, sexual engagement options, fertility goals, and lifestyle tracking.
  • They keep your data safe! So far, this is the only app that does not share your data with any third parties. Staff from the Read Your Body cannot even seen your info. You save your charts to your own files and your charts within the app are only yours to see.
  • No automated predictions! For some this may seem like a bad thing but I promise you this is all good. There is no app or algorithm that can predict your fertile window with accuracy every cycle. As cyclical beings, our cycles have the ability to change each time based on different things going on in our lives, and thats OKAY! When you are confident in using your method of choice, you know each day if there is a possibility of pregnancy or not, you dont need your app to tell you!
  • 3 months free!!! If you learn with me, they have graciously given be the ability to provide you with a code for 3 months free! After that, it is still very economical ($1.99/month or $14.99 per year). Remember, you are paying for your personal data’s security and no paid ad campaigns interrupting your use of the app.
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