We've Got Us!

 Empowered Cycling 


& Build Your Web of Community Support


  • Learn how to chart your cycle using Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)
  • Avoid OR achieve pregnancy naturally and EFFECTIVELY
  • Connect with community resources to support reproductive sovereignty
  • Embodiment practices to connect to the power of your cycle


We've Got Us!

Do you want to be able to manage your fertility on your own terms AND build a web of community resources to support your fertility intentions?


The power to manage our fertility across all stages of the womb continuum is WITHIN US. We all have the innate wisdom of being able to connect to our cycles and fertility. Connecting to this wisdom is a COMING HOME. 

The sex ed you never had

Among a supportive and non-judgmental group

  • What's actually going on with our hormones throughout our cycles.
  • Fertility awareness as a way to monitor sexual/reproductive health
  • Fertility awareness as a reliable contraception without the side effects.
  • Fertility awareness as a way to intentionally conceive and grow your family
  • Intimacy options for all phases of the cycle based on your fertility intentions.
  • Practical planning for if you have an "oops!" or what I call an "accidental sperm exposure".

Did you know we are only fertile

~6 days per cycle!?

In "We've Got Us!" you will learn how to identify your window of fertility each cycle. And YES, even (and especially) if your cycles are irregular!

FAM can be used as a reliable contraceptive option with up to 99.6% efficacy!


HI! I'm Atchie

I am so thrilled you've landed in my circle. Back when I was 13 and suffering from debilitating and seemingly endless periods, my mom and I were desperate to help me find relief and the only option we were aware of was "The Pill". After nearly 10 years of being on the pill I finally discovered there were other ways to find relief while also being able to successfully avoid pregnancy. I couldn't believe that, as a 23 year old, I was just hearing about this option for the first time. 

I was flooded with equal doses of rage and passion and decided right away to connect to this side of myself. It was super hard to be on a path that a lot of my peers and family didn't understand. The longer I have been in it the more I realize how much easier it would have been if I had people doing it with me! 

I am dedicated to supporting you on this journey AND spreading this level of body literacy far and wide so people everywhere feel empowered to keep cycling!


Fertility Awareness is a Community Responsibility

Video Poster Image

YOU Are Your Own Authority. Your Community Members / Resources are There to Support You.

Throughout these 10 gatherings you will learn how to have absolute agency over your reproductive health choices and the freedom to make those choices without anybody's permission.

Topics we will dive into:

  • Plants that bring on menstruation
  • Acupuncture to support pregnancy release, including miscarriage & abortion 
  • Rituals / routines that support healthy cycling
  • Pelvic health and how to support pain free pleasure and cycling and connection to our cycles
  • Out of clinic options and support for all types of pregnancy releases AND conception support

For as long as we as humans have been birthing, we have also been releasing intentionally and unintentionally. And WE have the ability to support each other through these processes with and without support from the allopathic model of care.


OK, Let's Break it Down...

10 Live Calls Every Other Week

Starting December 15th

Thursdays, 3-5pm PST

**except closing session which will be 3 hours, from 3-6pm**

Private and secure group chat for on demand support

Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions & Course Portal



Intros to each other & to the basics of FAM (Fertility Awareness Method)

We'll begin by getting to know each other because a HUGE part of this series is about building the web of support that includes ALL OF US. We will also go into:

  • Group agreements to create a supportive and safe space for learning and sharing
  • Intro to the primary fertility signs & deep dive into cervical mucus patterns and interpretations
  • The basic anatomy and physiology of our pelvic organs, tissues, and systems
  • Intro to charting tools and how to get them all set up.

We are laying the groundwork here & learning how to get intimate with the STAR of the show when it comes to our cycles. Hellooooo cervical mucus! It's so nice to formally meet you 🥰 


Temp, Cervix, and finally.... BLEEDING 🩸🩸🩸

How temperature and cervix changes support our cervical mucus observations in getting a full picture of our cycles. AND menstrual myth busting!

  • What's normal vs. whats common when it comes menstruation. For example: MYTH  "menstruation isn't beneficial or necessary if you don't want to be pregnant" . There are many other benefits to ovulation that don't have anything to do with having babies!
  • How tracking your BBT (basal body temp) can help us confidently close our fertile window AND be free to have unprotected intercourse even when avoiding pregnancy
  • The role of the cervix and how to maintain and/or restore cervical health
  • The role in overall pelvic health when it comes to fertility, intimacy, and genitourinary health **GUEST SPEAKERS**

You will be well into charting all your fertility signs across these 3 sessions and prepping for customized chart reviews!


Charting Check ins & Holistic Community Resources for Reproductive Sovereignty

  • Real time chart reviews of YOUR charts to check for accuracy applying the method according to your intentions 🤩
  • Holistic womb care including massage, acupuncture, nutrition, and herbal support **GUEST SPEAKERS for all 3 sessions!**
  • Prep materials for closing session 

By the end of session 9 you will have all the tools needed to accurately chart and interpret your cycle in order to achieve your fertility intentions (as contraception, in order to conceive, or to simply monitor your cycle health)

SESSION 10: 3 hours

Together In Cervix - A Cervix Selfie Party

Most of us have never seen our cervixes and some of us have never felt them! This is your opportunity to view your cervix in all it's glory with support from the group while still in the privacy of your own home!

  • Vulva mapping - what we can see on the outside vs what lies inside
  • Demonstration and step by step instruction for how to self insert a speculum comfortably. 
  • How to take a photo of your very own cervix with just your smartphone, mirror, and a speculum.
  • Closing circle. Ongoing support options

Everything this session is an invitation. You can choose to participate actively or simply join the group to observe and try on your own later. **this session will be LIVE ONLY**


This Group Course Is For You If You:

  • Want to connect to and support the natural rhythms of your cycle
  • Want to avoid pregnancy without the side effects of other contraceptions
  • Want to successfully conceive on your own terms 
  • Want to build community around sexual and reproductive freedom
  • Want to feel safe in your sexual and reproductive health choices despite changing legislation

We Are Always in This Together

I feel so lucky to have the support of these awesome holistic health professionals and overall amazing humans on this journey! We are all building this web together and these friends are on the top of my go-to list when it comes to holistic health management!

Dr. Ilana Harms


Doctor of Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine. Licensed Acupuncturist.

Cera Merrick 


Clinical Herbalist. Abortion & Pregnancy Loss Doula. Certified Fertility Awareness Educator. 

Sophia Lopez


Herbalist. Fertility Educator. Full Spectrum Doula. Body Work Practitioner

Karah Charette


Doctor of Physical Therapy. Pelvic Floor PT. Registered Yoga Teacher.

By the end of these 10 sessions, You Will…

  • Learn how to chart your fertility according to your own goals/intentions
  • Build community that centers reproductive/sexual health & autonomy 
  • Learn how to holistically support your fertility overall health

Fertility is your 5th VITAL SIGN! Charting your cycles helps to provide an objective measurement about your overall health with the added bonus of being able to confidently avoid or achieve pregnancy on your own terms 🥳


"Diving into the world of FAM with Atchie as my guide has been deeply empowering and educational. Not only is Atchie immensely knowledgeable about fertility awareness, but she has a gift for sharing that knowledge in an accessible and meaningful way."

- Morgan


"Atchie helped me understand and track my cycles and gave me the information I needed to feel more empowered and confident in myself. With clear instructions, answers, and helpful presentations with creative illustrations, I was able to effectively absorb what I was learning and it was extremely engaging throughout the sessions. When I had questions or concerns, Atchie listened to my needs and provided the targeted knowledge that I was seeking with evidence. Atchie is a genuine and knowledgeable professional and I can assure that you will not be disappointed."

- Charvi


"At first there was a lot of information to take in but through an extremely caring, patient and supportive approach I have now successfully conceived after 4 months of working with Atchie. I would highly recommend her and will forever be indebted to her and her knowledge."

- Sinéad


Empowered Cycling

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3 monthly payments


Only 15 Spots Available 

This may be the only time I will offer this course LIVE! Grab your seat for this exclusive, intimate container 🥰 

My primary goal if for this content to always be accessible while also meeting my personal financial needs. If you experience barriers that impact your ability to access this course at the above listed pricing options, please reach out to me at [email protected] to inquire about alternative payment options/sliding scale